Commonly Asked Questions about Fostering

Q: Where are you located?
A: We have no facility. Most of the animals in our care are located in foster homes all over Richmond.
Q: Can I see animals for adoption during the week? 
A: A HHS volunteer will make an appointment for any time during the week whenever possible to try and find the right home for the animals in our care. Please complete an adoption application for the pet you are interested in; applying for a pet does not obligate you to adopt that specific animal. Completing the application process allows HHS to determine if you are a good match for the pet.
Q: Does your organization only rescue animals from Henrico County, or only adopt to residents of the County?
A: Henrico Humane Society rescues animals from anywhere in the state and will adopt to any qualifying applicant, regardless of where they live. The organization primarily supports the greater Richmond area and surrounding counties. The founding members of the organization lived in Henrico County, which is how the Society got its name.
Q: Are you affiliated in any way with the Henrico County Animal Shelter?
A: No. Henrico Humane Society is an all-volunteer organization with no shelter and no authorization to investigate animal abuse or neglect cases. The founding members of the organization lived in Henrico County, which is how the Society got its name. The Henrico County Animal Shelter is run by the County and should be contacted if you have an animal abuse or neglect case to report. The Shelter is located at 10421 Woodman Road in Glen Allen and can be reached by calling 804-652-3360. For more information about Henrico’s Animal Protection Unit, visit http://www.co.henrico.va.us/police/animal-protection/.
Q: I want to get my pet spayed/neutered, but I can’t afford the cost. Are there any resources to help me?
A: Click here to see the many resources of low cost spay/neuter services in the Richmond Area.
Q: What do I do if I've lost or found a dog or cat? 
A: Notify all animal shelters in the area the pet was lost/found. Provide a detailed description of the animal and the location the pet was lost/found. Contact vets in the area the pet was lost/found in the event one of them recognizes the animal by its description, or in case the owner contacts them looking for their pet. Post flyers of the animal in the area and put ads on Craig’s List. 
If you have lost a pet, visit animal shelters in the area multiple times and continue to call. Often an animal will end up in a shelter days, or even weeks, after being lost. Do not give up your search!
If you have found a pet, the owner cannot be located and you cannot care for the animal, contact local rescue organizations to see if one of them can take the pet in until a new home can be found.  More information about this option is provided in the following question/answer regarding surrenders:
Q: What do I do if I have an animal to surrender? 
A: In the event that you are no longer able to keep your pet, or if you have found an animal you are not able to keep, HHS may be able to help you place the animal in a new, loving and permanent home. Please email a picture and detailed description of the animal’s personality to adopt@henricohumane.org.  A volunteer will make an appointment to meet the animal and determine if we are able to place the pet in a foster home. Based on the limited amount of space in our foster homes, we will most likely ask you to keep the animal and HHS can find a new home, or a space in a foster home becomes available.  This is the best option as there is always a shortage of foster space compared to the number animals without a home.
Q: How do I get more information on becoming a foster parent?
A: Click here for information on fostering an animal, including FAQs and a foster application.
Q: I would like to donate food/treats/toys/bedding,etc. Where can I drop off my donations?  
A: All donations are greatly appreciated! Please bring them to adoption stand; click here for locations and times.
Q: I’d like to collect donations to help homeless animals. What kind of items do you need?
A: Click here for a “wish list” of items we need.
Q: My pet needs expensive surgery that I don't think I can afford - what resources are available to help me?   
A: Helping Hands provides low cost surgical and dental care. They are located at 3402 West Cary Street and can be contacted at 804-355-3500.   Visit www.helpinghandsvetva.org for more information on their services.
Q: Where can I take my pet in the event of an emergency?
A: Vets with extended hours for emergency services are:
Veterinary Emergency Center
in Carytown at 3312 West Cary Street (353-9000)
in Midlothian at 2460 Colony Crossing Place (744-9800)
Veterinary Referral & Critical Care
In Goochland at 1596 Hockett Road  (784-8722).
The poison control hotline number is 888-232-8870.
Q: Who can I contact about an injured squirrel or bird, etc.?
A: For wildlife rescue, contact:
Hanover Green Vet at 730-2565
ARK at 598-8380
Virginia Wildlife Center at 540-942-9453

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please Contact Us.